Our Philosophy
At-ease Educational Application is devoted to assisting teachers, students, parents and companies develop new systems or streamline existing systems to provide education and training in a simple, fast and easy way utilizing your current technology. Our goal is to provide an enthusiastic approach and make the education and training environment more efficient and manageable for all levels of proficiency.

Here at At-ease every project is just as important as the last one, and our can-do attitude allows us to easily implement most requests in a timely fashion. We can help you build your applications to provide the most effective administrative or academic systems to suit your requirements with attention to quality as well as convenience.

Each project, big or small, is treated with the same enthusiastic approach, and every idea or suggestion is extremely valuable to us so that we may meet your expectations. We can make the most routine task seem effortless allowing you more time to focus on other activities.

Our Customers:

  • K-12 Schools, School Districts, Colleges and Universities:
  • Surveys and reports conducted throughout North America indicate school leaders are seeking better tools to help their teachers and administrative staff to improve their daily functions. Here at At-ease we believe we can help. Our approach is simple: we offer high-quality application systems for teachers and administrators that provide integrated web-based tools and the comprehensive training to use all the applications effectively.

    We can also enhance administrative and academic applications for schools and school districts by designing new application systems or modifying current systems using existing technology to streamline and make them more efficient and user-friendly.

  • Small and Large Businesses:
  • All of the web-application systems that At-ease provides can be easily adapted and customized to assist in all areas of training and communication needs for small and large businesses. This could include staff training, client communication, access to company reports and any communication or training application you may need.

About At-ease Educational Application:

At-ease Educational Application was founded by Dr. Erin Chia-Ling Wu, whose dedication to improving educational applications to reach a wider market, is the driving force behind our company's enthusiasm to continually improve ways to contribute to the growing needs of education and training.

Dr. Wu has an extensive educational background and professional experience working on student information systems, web applications, as well as administrative and academic systems for school districts and universities. She is extremely familiar with educational applications, learning theories, academic culture and administrative needs within the education system.

She has a Doctoral degree in Instructional Technology and Media from Teachers College, Columbia University in New York. She also received a Computer Science bachelor degree and earned her Masters in Education at the University of Texas in Austin.



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